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We've built knowledge in every area

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From start to finish it's what we do

Martex Construction offers a full service construction approach. That means we can provide a complete solution to your building needs, from inception to completion. From the first feasibility study to the last coat of paint, we are equipped to handle every technical detail, every logistical and regulatory challenge, and every aspect of quality control.

From single to multi and everything in between

Whether you're planning a family dream home or a multi-unit development, Martex has the experience and expertise to make your project a success. With years of hands-on experience in design and construction, custom and standard home builds, multi-unit construction and developments, townhouses and apartments, we've seen it, done it and perfected the result.

We plan

As professional builders we understand the importance of a solid foundation. Martex Construction can help you create that foundation for your project, with a range of planning services that include preliminary feasibility advice, pre-tender cost planning and management, tender evaluation, contract negotiations and project management services. Whether it's a single storey home or a complex multi-level apartment site, we can help with the level of planning expertise you need.

We manage

In an increasingly deadline-driven, productivity-focused world, good management is the difference between profit and loss. Regardless of the size of your project, its budget or the level of management service you require, Martex can add real value to your project by assuring that any given step of the process (or all of them) run in time, at cost and on target for quality.

We take the hassle out of your project

Planning, regulations and approvals can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest home-builder or developer. But there's really no need to be afraid. With a thorough understanding of the requirements at planning stage, and a solid knowledge of the building processes through to the approval stage, Martex's expertise ensures that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Our process

Building a relationship, before we build your home

Regardless of whether you’re building one home or many, the steps to a successful project are the same.


Step one:


This is the “getting to know you stage”, we’ll want to hear all about your needs, your budget and your plans. We’ll take time to get to know your site, and we’ll discuss in detail the timeframes and deadlines for each stage of the planning, design and building processes.

Most importantly of all, we’ll discuss what your expectations are…and how we can meet, and in many cases, exceed them.


Step two:


This is the stage when prices are firmed and contracts are signed. We will discuss the quote and contracts in detail and, when in complete agreement, you will sign the contract to build. At this stage, we will run through all the necessary paperwork, and make sure you understand the relevant applications that will be lodged to Council.

While the permits are being processed at Council, you’ll have time to start bringing your project to life by finalising everything from paint colours, to benchtops, to taps. These decisions can be made in conjuction with our in-house colour consultant. At this stage, we can be on top of the delivery cycle and minimise hold-ups when building is underway.


Step three:


This is when things take real shape. Construction is underway and the building process moves through a formalised series of stages. Broadly speaking these are:

Base: This is when all the ground and site works are undertaken. Drains and retention systems are dug, strip footings, slab works or stumps are installed and you can see the shape of your building rising from the ground up.

Framing: This stage is when you really see your project in 3D. Timber wall and roof trusses are put up, rooms take shape and the roofline is visible.

Lock Up: As the name suggests, by the end of this stage your home will be able to be securely locked up. Roof tiles, brickwork, plumbing, wiring, heating & cooling units are all in place. You will have walls, windows and a front door with a lock and key!

Fixing: At this stage everything is “fixed” in place. Plasterboard covers your walls, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is installed, appliances are commissioned and floor coverings are in place. The property is painted and the site is cleared of all building debris.


Step four:


Once construction is complete it’s time for the project to be “handed-over” to you. At this time we will inspect the property together to ensure everything has been finished to the agreed standard. An occupancy permit will then be issued and the property will be ready for you to move in or prepare for sale.

But our involvement doesn’t end there. Depending on your contract, a Maintenance or Defects Liability period of three or six months will apply after handover. During that time, we will work with you to ensure the quality of our workmanship meets your expectations… and our demanding standards.